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July 25, 2020
Charcoal Powder
December 10, 2020

Mr. Black Brush Teeth

450.00د.إ 300.00د.إ


Brush teeth

Damplen bamboo toothbrush and dip the head into charcoal teeth whitening powder.

Brush your teeth for 2-4minutes.

Rinse your mouth with water thoroughly;

Mold trays

Submerge one mouth tray in hot water (70-80 preferred) for 10-12 seconds.

Bite the mouth tray with your upper teeth and gently push on upper lip with fingers to mold the tray.

Take off the tray after 10-15 seconds, put the mouth tray in a cup of cold water for 10 seconds to finalize the shape.

Repeat for lower teeth mouth tray molding.

Trim the mouth trays at the gum-line.

Whiten teeth

Apply gel to each tooth impression on the upper and lower mouth tray(0.5ml each for upper and lower tray).

Put on the trays into mouth for 30-45minutes whitening process.

Remove the trays and rinse mouth with lukewarm water.

Clean the trays with cold water and put into tray case for storage.

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