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Charcoal Powder

We use Activated charcoal powder is a fine black odorless and tasteless powder made from coconut shell that have been exposed to very high temperatures in an an airless environment. It is pure carbon specially processed to make it highly adsorbent of particles and gases in the body’s digestive system. Use once a day, 14-day as a treatment; Use twice a day, 7 day as a treatment. Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use No flavor for 100% coconut shell charcoal powder; Mint Flavor for New charcoal powder

Home Whiting Kit

How to use Step 1: Place the tray over the upper teeth without placing the tray in boiling water. Practice with your tongue on the roof of your mouth and touching the inside of the tray. Suck the air from the tray. This contours the guard to the inside surface of the teeth. When finished repeat with the lower tray. Step 2: Bring water to a boil. The bowl should be at least 4″ deep to ensure the tray’s full immersion. Remove the container from the heat and place one tray in the hot but not boiling water. Leave the tray in water for 5 seconds. Make sure the edges do not fold onto each other. Step 3: Lift the tray vertically from the water using the tab. carefully and quickly place the tray around the teeth and then immediately perform the procedure outlined in step 1. Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim the front tab away from the tray with scissors. Make sure it is flush with the front surface of the tray. Step 5: Place a small bead of gel per tooth in the inside of the tray (.5cc or less per tray). The gel might irritate the gums if the trays are overloaded. Insert the trays very carefully keeping the gel on the teeth and away from the gums. Step 6: Wear the trays for 15 minutes. If sensitivity or irritation occurs wait 24 hours between treatments and use less gel. Be sure to rinse trays thoroughly after use. Repeat process daily until you reach the desired shade. Final Step: After completing the bleaching process it is always a good idea to take a toothbrush and gently wipe away any excess gel that remains on the teeth and gums to prevent any possible irritation. rinse excess gel from your toothbrush completely -------------------------------------------------------- 4 pieces 3 cc peroxide or non-peroxide gel (another option3 pieces 3 cc peroxide or non-peroxide gel, 1 pc Desensitization gel,) 1 pc 6 bulb white light 1 pc mouth tray box 2 pc mouth tray 1 PC manual book

Mr. Black Brush Teeth

Brush teeth Damplen bamboo toothbrush and dip the head into charcoal teeth whitening powder. Brush your teeth for 2-4minutes. Rinse your mouth with water thoroughly; Mold trays Submerge one mouth tray in hot water (70-80 preferred) for 10-12 seconds. Bite the mouth tray with your upper teeth and gently push on upper lip with fingers to mold the tray. Take off the tray after 10-15 seconds, put the mouth tray in a cup of cold water for 10 seconds to finalize the shape. Repeat for lower teeth mouth tray molding. Trim the mouth trays at the gum-line. Whiten teeth Apply gel to each tooth impression on the upper and lower mouth tray(0.5ml each for upper and lower tray). Put on the trays into mouth for 30-45minutes whitening process. Remove the trays and rinse mouth with lukewarm water. Clean the trays with cold water and put into tray case for storage.

Water Pik

EFFECTIVE DEEP CLEAN: 360° rotating long nozzle,The water flosser can deeply cleaning every corner precisely that traditional brushing can not reach, removes stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth to significantly whiten and brighten your smile UPGRADED WATER TANK& IPX7 WATERPROOF: larger water tank. With the full-open removable design, it’s much easier to clean the limescale and bacteria inside of the water tank 2 SETTING MODES: Strong mode, soft mode suit different gum sensitivities, stimulate gum tissue and promote gum health, ideal for braces, implants, Crowns, bridges. CORDLESS AND PORTABLE: Built in 2200 (m/Ah ) rechargeable lithium battery. Comes with a USB cable. Can be charged by a power bank or any USB interface equipments.This water flosser braces comes with a very handy & nice storage bag

Whiting Pen

  • 2ml or 4ml
  • Use for 7-10 times
  • Peroxide and non-peroxide gel, All can supply